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Aerial Circus Gear.
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Beginning Aerial Fabric Instruction by Rebekah Leach   $86.00 AUD

With over 250 pictures on over 90 quality black and white pages, this is a great book. Instruction is included on over 40 beginning aerial fabric moves as well as basic climbs, the footlock, hiplock, iron T, and all beginning moves you can do that involve a basic footlock (footlock on both fabrics together on one foot), single footlock (footlock on just one fabric), and double footlock (footlock on both feet). There are also many other creative moves that will be new to almost any aerialist!

This book is a great supplemental resource for any beginning aerialist or any teacher of beginning silks. This book is not meant to teach you the skills, but to enhance the learning already taking place. Students should only refer to this manual with full safety equipment being used and a professional trainer on hand.

Price is per book. Please check our news page for current stock levels.

Item Code: 7449B